Brief Description

Fizbol is developed with a class mate using Unity Engine. We used Unity Collabrate & Github and It is open source project in Github. It is soccer game that player tries to get score by answering Physics questions.

How to Play
Player starts as the goalkeeper. His/her goal is to answer physics questions in order to pass the ball to his/her teammates and eventually score a goal. If Player answers correctly, he/she can pass the ball to a teammate accordingly. Otherwise Player can figure correct answer out by observing ball movement. Player can change question or get hint from the help button. If Player answers wrong more than 3 times, the true answer is shown and it doesn't count in statistics.



  • Animations & models for characters accordingly.
  • 2D/3D View depending on User choice.
  • More than 1000 different Physics questions with various of question types.
  • After answering, accurate ball movement according to Physics Question Rules.
  • Low polygon concept in every 3D model that provides good optimization.
  • Detailed settings system for game graphics, musics and effects.
  • Detailed Tutorial section for How to Play.
  • Daily & Monthly Statistics Section.

Gameplay Video & Download Link