Criminal Scanner

Scan criminals with xRay machine and find forbidden objects, inspired by Airport Security 3D game.


  • xRay Scanning Mechanic
  • Random Criminal Generation System
  • Randomly distrubuted hidden objects per level



Ice Cream Inc. Clone

Get high match for your Ice Cream per level by using flavour buttons. Smoothness of creams can be customizable as shown below, but It is normal as default for high performance.


  • Cream Machine System
  • Smoothness Options for Cream
  • Matching Rate System After Level Finishes
  • 3 Different Levels

 Fun Race 3D Clone

Pass levels that consist of obstacles by racing with simple AI character. You can play just click on screen for running or releasing to stop. When player dies and has more than 1 health, s/he starts at same position. When player reaches black line, the level is completed and new level is generated.


  • Player Character and Basic AI Character System 
  • Ragdoll Physics with Fail System
  • Obstacle System
  • Dynamically Level Generation with parameters

Sling Drift Clone

Pass the road corners by drifting car. The car just moves forward and when it is close to Sling Towers (Corners) , you can drift/change direction of the car by holding click. If the car is out of the way, it fails. 


  • Car - Path Following System
  • Sling Tower System for Drifting
  • Failure System
  • Dynamically Level Generation

Color Hole 3D Clone

Collect white objects by controlling the hole. If red objects are collected, you must repeat the level. 


  • Hole Collecting System
  • Failure System
  • Level Editor
  • 2 Levels

Picker 3D Clone

Collect balls with Picker object and throw them to containers. Every containers has minimum limit to pass. If you can collect enough, you can pass the container without failing.


  • Picker Collecting System
  • Container System
  • Failure System
  • 2 Levels