Simulation Projects

I am creating scenarios with Simulation to get data or simulate any environment. I apply some Machine Learning Techniques to Simulation to train datas or bot behaviours. I am using Unity 3D with TensorFlow Framework and Python with Simpy Library to create Simulation scenarios.

Mobile Game Projects

I have been developing mobile games using Unity game engine for 3 years. I use C# as programming language, Blender 3D for creating basic models and Photoshop for UI - Editing.  I am trying to do everything (scripting, graphics...) myself as much as possible. Untill this time, I have developed 3 main projects that you can check by clicking title.

Mobile Application Projects

I have started developing Mobile Applications recently. I am using Android Studio as IDE and Kotlin for programming language. I have just one project that has demo version.


Web Application Projects

I have competent experiences in developing Web Application - Backend. In my University I got educated Java, JavaScript and Php programming languages. During my exchange program, I was also able to learn Node.js and Rest API web services. Thanks to Intern experiences, I could learn Object Relational Mapping, Unit & Integration Tests and MVC Architecture.