Score! is first game I developed by myself using Unity Game Engine, it was 1-2 month project at all.It is a simple soccer game that players can move the ball and try to score by passing obstacles within specific time.

How to Play : Player can move the ball using virtual joystick bottom left on screen. There are two button right bottom on screen, one is for boost that player can always use it depending on cooldown time and another is coming from mysterious boxes that gives special skills to player.  It is so basic to play.


  • Purchasing system for buying new balls.
  • Gaining golden, silver or bronze medallions depending on the time left after scoring.
  • Variety of levels that the player can play.
  • Special levels that can just be opened according to golden medalion count.
  • Mysterious boxes that give extra boost, super(fast) boost and jumping skills to the player.

Trailer & Download Link