The Saltbae is my second gameĀ I developed by myself using Unity Game Engine, it was 2-3 month project at all. The Game is inspired by Turkish Butcher Nusret. It is restaurant game that player can control our main character "Saltbae" and service dinner to customers according to what they wish to eat within limited time.

How to Play
Bonus Game: The aim is to throw meats to marked container and gain bonus points before starting main game. Player can move the character using virtual joystick bottom left on screen and throw meat by pushing button bottom right.

Main Game: The main goal is to service meals to customers depending on what they want.
In addition to joystick like in Bonus Game to move the character, player has sprint and jump button. Customers come to the restaurant and sit on tables, what they wish to eat can be seen with marker at the top of their heads. By collecting meal icons on the carpet, meals are prepared for service. After Player picks up the meal, player can serve it to the customer with button bottom right. If Player serve meat menu, Player can salt meat menu and gain extra points. Besides, clocks that are randomly fallen to restaurant give extra times if they are picked up.


  • Animations & models for characters accordingly.
  • Basic AI for customers.
  • Low polygon concept in every 3D model that provides good optimization.
  • Purchasing system for new skins.
  • Detailed settings system for game graphics, musics and effects.
  • Scorboard that shows players in top 10.
  • Bonus Game option to gain more points.
  • Tutorial section for How to Play.

Gameplay Video & Download Link